Holod or the translation which came in from the cold

And here is a new English-French press-article translation for Global Voices en français.

Today, we are heading to Russia in order to discover the magazin Holod (“coldness), which lets its readers dive deeper into the – sometimes dark – daily life of the country’s remote regions.

Chilling stories, an ambitious team lead by journalist Taisia Bekbulatova, and one goal: to become the best online magazine in Russia.

Unfortunately, Holod‘s reports are only available in Russian. Maybe a talented colleague will let us enjoy them in French, German or English one day…

Taisia Bekbulatova’s interview in French: Avec des reportages issus des régions isolées de Russie, un nouveau magazine fait frissonner le public

The English version by Maxim Edwards: A new magazine tells chilling stories from Russia’s remote regions

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