January news

Back on track! Let’s recap the first month of 2021.

My translations:

✔ The bar of the 80th translated episode of Edith with MAKMA has been hit. Find our novelist and her friends on Webtoon! 💕

✔ A degree certificate in Latin, issued by an American university. For us French people, Latin today is still the language of the Church, but in other countries, it remains present in the academic tradition. 👨🎓👩🎓

✔ A Swiss transport and logistics company wants to set up in Monaco and unveils promising opportunities in a press release… translated from German into French by S. Lisa Translations. 💰💰

✔ A charging station for electric vehicles needs a French translation for its English manual! Thanks to my translation, the French-speaking customers of this company will be able to install their own charging station without difficulty. 🔌🚘
✔ An liftgate made in Germany for disabled person vehicles also needs an assembly and operating manual in French. That’s how inclusion works too 👨🦼👩🦼🚗

✔ German regional ministry looks for translation into French for its COVID info portal and its messages about . Done! Our French-speaking friends living in Germany will get even easier access to these essential data.📣💉

✔A German company produces a LED lighting system (yes, despite all the technological innovations, good ol’ LED is unbreakable 😎). French customers should be able to use its UI without any problems. All they need is a translation 😉💡💡

✔ An English-speaking company sells works of art, including to individuals. Under French consumer protection law, its terms and conditions of sale must be delivered to the buyers… and understood by them! Their translation into French is unavoidable. And it now exists.⚖⚖

✔ A German company specializing in the manufacture and sale of eyewear, visors and sports helmets would like to present its fabulous range to its French-speaking customers. Translation, or even transcreation, is the order of the day! 🥽🎿🎿

✔ A German company continues to request the translation of user manuals for its gluing system components, so customers will know how to use a dispersion glue hose, linear lighting to detect fluorescent adhesive, how to troubleshoot their glue supply unit, and how to set up an amplifier board. 🔧🔨

Edited text:

✔ The 80th episode of Leçons de natations pour une sirène with Makma has also been reviewed. Choa, Soo-Young and Il are waiting for you on Webtoon !🧜♀️🧜♀️

✔ A German global company sends its employees to its new site in Indonesia: how to enter and stay in the country in this pandemic context? 🧳🛫🛬

✔An employee in a German company must have his employment and secondment contract translated before being posted to France, it’s mandatory! Translated and edited! 📜

✔ A global company creates and presents online courses on hydropower for its employees. 💧⚡

✔The same company presents its sustainable development goals.🌎

That’s all for January… and that’s not bad 😉

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