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January news

Back on track! Let’s recap the first month of 2021. My translations: ✔ The bar of the 80th translated episode of Edith with MAKMA has been hit. Find our novelist and her friends on Webtoon! 💕 ✔ A degree certificate in Latin, issued by an American university. For us French people, Latin today is stillContinue reading “January news”

In Search of Lost Manuscript: English-French translation

A new adventure with Global Voices! Let’s get on the tracks of a traditional Jewish manuscript with a story full of twists and turns, from medieval Spain to today’s Bosnia-and-Herzegovina. With some wise words for young museum visitors… Enjoy! In French : Survivante de l’Inquisition, de la Shoah et des guerres de Yougoslavie : laContinue reading “In Search of Lost Manuscript: English-French translation”

New English-French press translation: an European indigenous language

When you think about endangered indigenous peoples and languages, you may think about Native American or Australian people. But did you know this issue also concerns Europe? Let’s go for a new trip with Global Voices Online and meet the Livonians, an indigenous people of Latvia, near the Baltic Sea.Poet, researcher and language activist ValtsContinue reading “New English-French press translation: an European indigenous language”

S. Lisa’s news (november 2020)

Time for a month retrospective! Here was the menu for S. Lisa Translations in november… Translations: user manual of an air compressor and its declaration of conformity (German to French) user manual of a ramp for wheelchair accessible vehicles (German to French) user manuals of two packaging chain management softwares (English to French) user manualContinue reading “S. Lisa’s news (november 2020)”

Holod or the translation which came in from the cold

And here is a new English-French press-article translation for Global Voices en français. Today, we are heading to Russia in order to discover the magazin Holod (“coldness), which lets its readers dive deeper into the – sometimes dark – daily life of the country’s remote regions. Chilling stories, an ambitious team lead by journalist TaisiaContinue reading “Holod or the translation which came in from the cold”

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